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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the run. the message they have for the suspect. more than 20 years ago, turning up answers. what we're learning tonight. and tropical storm hermine, the path ahead. >> news3 starts right now. >> first i get is the man that with no right took my brother's life for no reason. no reason whatsoever. >> the escape of a suspected murderer sparking outrage tonight as the family of the victim in the case is industrial coming the grips with the death of their loved one. good evening and thank you for joining us, i am alexis fernandez, gerard has the night off, angered the victim's
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robinson wonder how a suspect got away while in police custody. antonio castelan is joining us. antonio. >> alexis, the cameras here give them leads to the whereabouts of the murder suspect. tracking down this wanted man. >> how can you let hymn ep >> maggie robinson still cannot believe the man suspected of shooting and killing her brother, mohammed robinson, escaped from a north las vegas police interrogation room. >> you don't have any more security than that? you are interviewing a murder suspect. it wouldn't help you to have at least one other extra person there?
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alonzo perez into custody for he questioning. they believe he shot and killed mohammed friday morning. the murder suspect managed to slip out of his cuffs and steal this truck and get away. >> this plan for no reason, took my brother's >> shot him for not holding open a door for a woman. >> you should have gotten out and opened the doosh for her. >> robinson has a message for the man on the run. >> you just need to face what you did. you were wrong for what you did. they say you do the crime, you do the time. you need to pay for what you did. >> north las vegas police need
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perez, if anyone has any leads on the location, call 352-5555. i'm antonio castelan, news3. >> thank you antonio. crystal holmes was asking for donations for the family of jufnlt fighting a fire. new at 11:00, investigators say they have found body of a missing boy who caught national headlines 27 years ago.
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remains have been found. speak out incident has changed parenting forever. >> i think it just touched america in a way that there is no such place as a safe haven anymore. we just have to be vigilant. >> jacob's abduction led to the law that caused states to have also tonight, labor day plans are ruined because of hermine. could become a hurricane again, gaining strength taking aim at the northeast. sarah rosario reports on the storm and the millions affected. >> the storm has already killed two people while taking out its
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windstorm surge and rain flooding homes and businesses and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. on hatteras island, north carolina, the storm spurned a tornado. the fream made it out just in time. >> i'm in a state of shock right now. but all the kids are fine. >> now a new target: the northeast and beach communities not fully recovered from superstorm sandy. >> we were notified of a possibility. >> reporter: as people fill sand bags in seaside new jersey, hermine could become a hurricane again. possibility some vacationers in ocean city, maryland don't want to risk. >> we saw the damage it was doing in florida, we saw it was coming up the coast, we wanted to get out before it got bad
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summer vacation is ruined. >> we want to keep them safe. >> he's starting a seven hour drive back to new york before the storm hits. others are making the most of it. >> we'll see if we can do anything around here. >> a state of emergency has been declared for coastal communities of new jersey and delaware. all in preparation for a storm that has been anything but prebiblghtable. sarah ro satisfactionrio, news3. >> inside donald trump appealing directly to a black audience and had a more humble tone. this comes as polling trump is closing the gap with hillary clinton. >> i fully understand that the
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suffered from discrimination and there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right. >> former if the bill clinton will also be stopping in detroit. as for hillary she will be spending the holiday weekend in ohio, along with vice president candidate tim kaine. poll with donald trump and hillary clinton. urged to vote by the group, democrats abroad. today, labor day barbecue was looking to get out the vote. citizens living in mexico not already registered were signing
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11:00 a toddler gets a ticket for littering. the reason her family fought back. and a soaring crown in los angeles why this building has
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> a local woman reaches out to news3 saying thieves took off $85,000. besides the monetary value, there is the sentimental value, the bronze statue was made by her husband tom, who died last year. it was on display inside the regis gallery at the venetian.
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probably three. >> beverly has filed a police report and thinks the thieves were waiting for her to leave. anyone who might know anything is asked to call crime stoppers, three 85-give give. 5555. >> the building now stands 1100 feet above town in los the next tallest building u.s. bank, more than 90 feet. the glass sail and spire rooftop will be a unique addition to the downtown l.a. skyline. >> wilshire grand 900 hotel room for intercontinental and office space. it has a large podium area, huge
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buildout including a lobby ton 70th floor which is very spectacular. >> the hotel is expected to open in march of 2017. jerry. >> we almost made it into triple digits, a few stations did, but 99 the official reading. we're going down, way down.
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>> a two-year-old is caught in the middle of mixup, little harper got a $75 ticket for littering after they found her flame on an envelope. they believe the envelope somehow fell out of their trash. >> just because you found a piece of mail on the ground
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>> there obviously needs to be common sense layered into this system somewhere. >> public works stopped by her home on friday and said they would drop the ticket. 5.6 magnitude quake in oklahoma city, shake went for a full minute and was felt in seven different states. the hardest hit was the small town of pawnee, where a number of buildings and structural damage. one person had minor injuries. the u.s. geological society said there were after shocks registering as high as 3.6 magnitude. let's toss it to jerry to see how cooler temperatures are sticking around. >> we are going into winter, and
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all, henderson, lake mead parkway, i'm going to put this into motion, next few hours, see how shaky the camera is, why would it be shaking? well let's see maybe because we had wind gusts out there. we just skipped one. let me see if i can go back. my computer is acting up a little. they had a 44 mile-an-hour wi shaking. northwest wind at 2. blowing in the northwest side of the valley, charleston and 215, 80?, 20% relative humidity. winds, ten to 15 mile-an-hour range but could go stronger. redeveloping tomorrow. temperatures 87, same reading as
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verdes. this computer has gremlins in it. 95 indian springs, 105 in [ laughter ] lip, and 100s in eastern clark county. overton, it made it to 81 in pahrump currently, 89 in officially 86 top of the hour at the airport to 65 in l.a., 64 in reno, 70 up to 15 in cedar city. high tomorrow of 93?, means it is going to be 80s much of the day, very, very nice indeed. nebraska and kansas, severe thunderstorm watch in evidence there, showers over the
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nevada, except for moisture in mojave county, we were dry. a little moisture to our north. the mexican coast storm, could ruin my seven-day forecast. little concerned about that. we've got to keep an eye on it and we will during the week. 72 in boulder city, 76 in lots of two-figure readings, not the triple-digits. same reading in indian springs. tonight, little breezy, southwest winds 10 to 20 at worst and then tomorrow, again some afternoon breezes developing but from 99, to 93? we're headed in the right direction. should be gorgeous morning, hoping to walk my dog.
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afternoon high at 93. not too tough to take. up in the mountains, gusts, mountain rays and 60s. 80s much ah at red rock. boaters take note. 91 on the labor day holiday and then mid 90s tuesday and wednesday, gradually into the 90s thursday, friday, saturday, if the tropical system moves up off. we could get showers which we could use and the temperatures will be normal. >> this is a lot cooler than normal correct? >> not today but tomorrow we'll be well below nor. >> thanks jerry. not a good time to be a top
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?? ?? >> all right the first full saturday of college football is in the books. it was upset city for several ranked programs.
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right? i take it back in one case. defending champion, number 1 ranked alabama, they're still pretty good. jalen hertz, and darius stewart, 7-3 bama. 17-3 at the half in favor of bama. goes 71 yards and the tide rolls, 52-6. number 3 oklahoma not so lucky, top team in the big 12, taking on 15 ranked houston. wide open duke catalon. the sooners led by 1 at the half. trying to retake that lead with
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number three team in the nation, by 10. louisiana, top ranked heisman trophy candidate. 13-0 badgers, badgers still leading 13-0, backed up own territory. white returns for the pick six, cut that lead 13-7. lsu took a lead 14-13, 138 yards 28 carries 92 touchdowns. how about our rebels, lost to
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next move will be central presbyterian. tennis player serena williams taking orn joanna larson. via rolls 6-2, 6-1. she if serena wins she will be taking on all the attention. >> beard and mustache
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deciding the winners for 18 categories, which include the dolly must tamp, full beard free style. you don't see too many -- >> i think all the guys from zz top.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> hello. i'm jake tapper. and if you google me, you'll see me in a t-shirt. [ laughter ] but first, another big endorsement for donald trump, as former rival ben carson has agreed to throw his support to the businessman.


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